sustainability & partner

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. We have been committed to sustainability since day one – knowing there is still room for improvement.

We selected our partners and suppliers on a conscious and cooperative approach to people, animals and the environment.

This includes organic farming, fair payment of employees, suppliers and producers as well as green energy production.

We use energy-efficient LED lighting and genuine green power from Green Planet Energy.

For the travel to an event at our location you may purchase discounted railroad tickets.

We cooperate with sustainable and green suppliers like:

Voelkel, Viva con Agua, Rheinsberger Preussenquelle, Lammsbräu, Gepa, Lebensbaum, Café Libertad, Molkerei Berchtesgardener Land, Terra-Naturkost, Riedenburger Brauhaus, Ölmühle Moog, Altomayo, Riegel Wein, Dschinn

Since Summer 2023 we are part of the ‘committed to sustainable Berlin’ initiative of VisitBerlin.